"Avistacats MC Beautys


~This is what pet owners say about their kittys :))


You really ought to patent whatever your secrets are for them, because they are the most well-adjusted loving creatures I've ever met!
 It took them about two hours to completely claim the place as their home,
and it's been an absolute blast watching them progressively discover the various areas of the house on their own.
(watching them figure out the use of stairs was a scream!)
 They are miracles ! and as I write this I'm watching them play with these little foam rubber balls and are racing each other with them along the kitchen floor!
 It's getting hard for me to bring myself to even leave the house since they arrived, as I don't want to miss a second of their antics!
 Hope Geneveive is not missing them too much!
Have a great day and I should have more pix for you soon!
Best Regards,



Chester is SUCH a kick!  He is sweet, full of energy and vinegar and such a doll face!!!  He is constantly 'attacking' the other cats and they absolutely love it!!  There is never a dull moment and all he does it makes us all smile.  What a beautiful kitten he is!! Dianna, you must be so very proud to produce such absolutely priceless, healthy and lovely critters. Wow!  Am I glad I discovered you!!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And yes, we'll keep the pictures heading your way!!
With sincerity,




I wanted to let you know, my vet said Kenji is “PERFECT”...of course, I knew he would be. He is eating very good, pooping very good, and he even uses the scratching pad! which I have been TRYING to get my Tiggy to use. Kenji walked up to it and immediately started sharpening his little claws, As soon as I got him home yesterday he started checking out "EVERYTHING , very confident little guy! He was playing within the hour, AMAZINGLY comfortable with his new enviroment! It is obvious the love you pour into your kitties, he definitely shows it! My kids just adore him... my 14 yr old daughter, was in love with him from first sight! When she calls his name, believe it or not...he comes RUNNING!!! Already? Wow! He’s so CUTE! My Tiggy cat likes giving him a bath, he is soooo GENTLE with him, even when Kenji tries looking for a nipple! It’s funny to watch, Tiggy just puts his paw on Kenji, as if to say, ”Hey, I’m a dude, I don’t have what your looking for.”


Sara Robins



Good morning
Charlie is just a little gem.
Great ride home, ate like a truck driver and is the most sociable cat I have ever owned.
I had my kids over fro dinner last night. The cat insisted on being in the middle of the room with us and loved to play with my little grand daughters. Even my husband fell in love with him.
For bed time, I just took him to bed with me and he purred till 6:00am.
Then the dog woke him up.
I'm so grateful for him



Oh my gosh!  This is the sweetest boy I have ever had!  He just wants to lie in my arms and get kisses.  He actually lifts his little face to get more kisses. 
What a love he is!!  Thanks again for this precious little guy.  He is having the time of his life with his big brother.

Julie A. Quinley


Hi Dianna!
Wanted to shoot you a quick email to say hello and Thank You! Little Merlin has just fallen into our family perfectly. He gets along great with the dogs and my older kitty Nikodemus. Nikodemus has taken to cleaning Merlin against Merlin's will. Merlin goes after Nikodemus' tail and Nikodemus puts him in a headlock and starts cleaning him while Merlin's legs flail as he tries to get away from the bath. It is hilarious! He always greets everyone with his little purring motor. He is sitting in my lap right now at the computer purring away, so I snapped off a picture or two for you. Thank you for raising such a wonderful little kitten boy. He is such a handsome and loving little soul. Hope all is well! Cheers!



Oh Dianna !
These kittens are absolutely amazing! We are all so in love. We have never experienced cats like this before. We feel like we have puppies!
They greet us at the door when we get home, sleep cuddled up with the kids all night, follow us around the house. I cannot believe the torture they endure from the kids and they don't leave them! (Chris and Julia have plenty of scratches though so their learning to be more gentle) My daughter carries them around in her doll's Moses's basket and they just sit there allowing her to carry them all over the house. I didn't know these cat's like water-they sit at the edge of the bathtub and stick their paws in it to play with the kids floating toys. They are a joy.



Hi Honey,
I took Santi for his first vet visit today and OMG everyone was just in awe of him!
 There was a lady there who is familiar with MC's and she absolutely loved him. Said
his lynx tipped ears, big feet and purrrrfect markings made him the most gorgeous
MC kitten she had ever seen.
Vet techs loved him, our vet thought he was one healthy beautiful kitten and gosh
we were just so proud of him- I wished Mike could have been there today, he missed
all the fuss over him.
Everyone was happy to know he came from you, because they all love Savior and
are really impressed with his health and beauty, so they thought Mike made a wise
choice getting another one from you!

Love Donita


This baby is THE most wonderful kittten I have ever had, especially kissable, people friendly, wanting to be with us, smart, trainable and just unbelieveably beautiful in all ways.  We are very graced by God helping us find you to help us find such a wonderful addition to our family!
She was awesome on the way home, and his been great every moment since.  We're taking it slow with the other two, but all is going well so far with them.  She wanted to bound over and say hi, but it was almost as though she listened to me when I told her to take it slow and pay attention.  She is being friendly, but cautious!  I could spend all night telling you all the cute things she's done, but you already know!

Anyway, pictures coming, but just wanted to let you know she is awesome, and doing all the things that you would expect, racing around the room exploring! 
  Tom has only taken about 1000 so far!  Take care!

Asima Syed


Hi Dianna….

You are so sweet!  You were right too about this breed, we are SO enjoying Max, more than we thought we would.  He is so fun!  He has completely bonded to Larry…as if he knew that he had lost his Callie.   He cuddles up right next to his chest at night and purrs contentedly away.  Even though he is really playful, once the lights go out at night….he instantly goes to sleep with us.  My cat Jade is really warming up to him…..they play and wrestle all the time. We will keep you posted as he grows….we can’t imagine him as a big guy!!!

Have a lovely day…


Dianna, you absolutely do such a great job of “socializing” the kittens.  They came out of their crates, sight unseen, so friendly, confident and having a spirit that cannot be matched.  We were cautiously concerned and were not at all prepared for what we saw when we looked into their crates (even with the good vibes about you).  Each one was so curious, beautiful, calm and not frightened even though they  had just flown a long way from San Diego, a stop over in Houston, then to San Antonio. When we opened their crates they just stepped so regally into our arms and laps and into our hearts and everyone else’s  who meets them that it is such a special moment for Dan and I.  From day one they have had a spirit seldom seen in animals so young and I know you had a lot to do with that.  We kept saying to each other, “way to go Dianna”, we will strive to keep up the good work. 

Anyone who tells me they want a Maine Coon Cat will be told,  they must get one from you - sight unseen - because I know all the litters must reflect the love and training these little ones have gotten.  You couldn’t fool me,  There’s living proof in my lap as I write this.  My husband is so smitten. What a joy Trinket and Rosie are and Thank-you.

Betty and Dan Baker


Good afternoon Dianna,

He’s everything and more that you said.  The first night home he inspected every room piece of furniture and article in it.  As the night wore on he figured out what he could leap from and to as well as what he could climb under around and out.  Once he had the place figured out he went crazy playing with his toys except for the cat tree.  Anyway, once he tired out a bit, we feed him and went to bed sleeping with us throughout the whole night.  The next day instead of walking around checking things out and playing, he know owns the condo running from room to room, playing leaping onto what he figured out earlier.  He likes to be up high.  So, at this point, he is fully engaged with the cat tree.  He climbs easily to the top and back down again fooling around at each perch or level on the tree.  He is scratching on the sicle or the round cat toy with the ball that includes scratching material on the top of it.  He is on our schedule now as far as rising, eating, litter box, sleeping with us when we go to bed. 

He is the most intelligent and inquisitive kitten that I have ever come across.  You were right he loves to snuggle with you and sleeping involves not just with us, but on top of us and in every other way you can think off.  My husband woke up and found him lying on his chest with his face up close to David’s.  The kitten after grooming himself, groomed my husband!  He licked his eyebrows, face and took a long time with his mustache.  The kitten is one surprise after another, and of course handsome! 

Love, Believe, & Dream,
David & Cindy


Dianna -- Just wanted to send you some pictures of Merlin now that he's home.  He truly is the sweetest kitten ever, and is adjusting very nicely to his new home.  He doesn't seem to have any fear of humans, which I'm sure is thanks to your nurturing him as a newborn.  My husband and I were so pleased at how clean and well run your nursery is, and how friendly (and magnificent) the parent cats are.  And, of course, your weekly picture updates were the next best thing to being there!  It was a pleasure finally meeting you. 
Thank you so much.  MaryAnne


Dear Dianna,

We just wanted to take the time to thank you. We cannot express with words the joy you have given us. Little baby Logan is so much more than we could have ever hoped for. We were blown away with the care this kitten has received. Seeing how we are in Boston and you are in San Diego, we were kind of skeptical about ordering a kitten thru the Internet at first. After browsing your web site repeatedly, we decided to give you a call and speak to you.

After our first conversation we realized this was much more than a job to you but a deep-rooted passion. The tremendous amount of love, respect and care you have for these precious creatures came thru as soon as we described to you what we were interested in. Again, we were a little nervous about trusting someone we had never met to choose a kitten for us so many miles away. Not only did you pick a baby kitten of our dreams, you kept us updated on a weekly basis with beautiful pictures and descriptions.

We still cannot believe how fast this little angel adjusted to his new home. After a very long travel day for him, (around 10 hours), he fully climbed out of his shipping crate in less then 5 minutes and immediately wanted to play. He wasn’t the slightest bit nervous or fazed. He is the sweetest, kindest, gentlest ball of love we have ever seen. Again Dianna, you and your company Avistacats go above and beyond and provide an invaluable service. We highly recommend you to everyone we encounter that has been bleesed to see this beautiful baby boy.           

Sincerely, Corey, Annie, and Janelle in Boston.


Hello Dianna,

Mishka will be 5 years old this September 29th.   He’s been so wonderful to have and I wanted to say hello and give you an update as to how he is doing.  He is full of antics, and is simultaneously regal and clown like at the same time.  I halter trained him a long time ago, so now whenever I ask “ does anyone want to go for a walk?”  He leaps off his perch by  the widow, runs over to the closet where I have his harness and leash hanging, and then  jumps up onto the low wall where he sits and  lifts up one paw and then another so I can snap his harness on.   As soon as her hears the click of the snap closing, he knows he’s all set and jumps off the wall to run over to the door and wait for it to open.  Outside, his tail straight up in the air with a friendly curve at the top, he trots down the sidewalk.  My neighbors have never seen anything like it an often come out to say hello and pet him.  It surprises me when once in a while someone will ask “what is that?” a bit fearfully.   Mishka’s so mellow and friendly and dog like he goes right up to say hello.  When anyone goes to pet him, he goes limp and falls over onto his side, starts chirping and purring, and nudging the person’s hand because he loooovvves when someone pets behind his ears.  It cracks us up every time. I just came back from the CFA show in Santa Monica this weekend.  I’m sure he would have come home with first place. 
I hope everyone on your end is doing well.

Marisa Lepore



We just want to let you know how happy we are with Meatball !
He is a big, lovable, smart kitty!
He will be humungus as he is already 10.5 pounds at 4 months! He is as healthy as can be.
He is always with us... and loves everybody he meets.. Such a great personality!
It was very impressive that he was house trained from day 1!
We love him and are so happy to have him!  We appreciated the weekly pictures as he grew,
as well as you making the entire process go smoothly.
One last thing...I really appreciated the fact that you were so particular where Meatball would end up
and that we would be good for him! I am so glad you care where your babies end up and that they are well cared for.
Thank you so much!
Amy, Shannon & Brenna Sullivan,


Hi Dianna...Just letting you know Mariah went in for her (spaying) surgery last Tuesday...doesn't like her collar much but is doing just fine.
Just like everyone else says. on your website..she is the very best kitty ever!!!! She's so patient with me carrying her around...and is so kind to take her naps in my lap while I'm working...she looks at me with her sweet eyes as if to say..."I love you"!
She's fabulously gorgeous...and the vet was totally impressed as she has been on every visit. I've given your website to several people...my business is run out of our home...so I have lots of people stopping to pick up or purchase product...and they instantly fall in love with Mariah...who is happy to sit in their laps and purr her loudest!
Mariah and the dogs have become great friends...and I keep saying I'm going to take some pictures for utube...the other day she laid down on top of our smaller dog and just washed her ears and face like crazy. Dogs in fact are not near as clean as cats and Mariah decided she would help out!
Anyway...I'm joining your groupies in thanking you agree you raise the finest, sweetest most amazing kitties ever!
Thank you Dianna...Sina Downs


Dianna -

Brian and I have been in heaven ever since we picked up our furry children; "Avistacats Dolce & Gabbana almost 6 months ago. They are almost 8 months old and are, by far, the most beautiful, wily, intelligent, crafty, goofy little humans in furry kitty bodies I have ever met!! To say that they are loved would be a massive understatement. Anyone who tells you that Maine Coons are not "lap" cats is just plain crazy! Both girls, Dolce (weighing in at 9 lbs. 9 oz) and Gabbana (the moose, weighing in at 10 lbs. 8 oz.) sleep either on top of us or under the covers, pace between our feet waiting for us to settle in and watch TV so they have a lap to sit on!

Now that we are the proud parents of two "tails with a cats attached" Basically I want to assure you that you are breeding amazing GOD sent beings!
Their tiny kitten faces are now incredible regal. Simply put, they are indescribably perfect!
Take care & I hope all is well with you!
Jamie Lee Kelly


Hello Dianna,

I've been meaning to drop you a note, almost daily, since we arrived home from the plane trip from Hell.

Our baby girls official name is "Roxie Diva the Vixen" and she is amazing!!! She owns the house and is never far from my side. Usually in my lap I might add so, so much for Maine Coons not being lap cats huh? She has grown so much it's unbelievable and in fact my roommate teases that she is already larger than most full grown cats & soon she will beat up his 11 year old dog! Roxie is just 4.5 months old but does look close to full grown.

She has been such a blessing to me, you have no idea. Her spunky & sassy personality fit just perfect with mine. She also is a lovey dovey little girl and snuggles up to me wherever I might be.

She has met all of my grandchildren and they adore her. She also was the center of attention at a gathering I had at my house and unlike most kittens who would have hid themselves amongst the mass chaos - she was right in the center of everything. Moving from lap to lap & claiming her due attention. She is a Diva after all :)

Thank you Dianna for the precious kitten. We are bonded together for life & happy as can be.

Warm regards,
Quinn Fry "The Real Housewives of Orange County"

Hi Dianna:
All is super well. The girls are divine! Growing so fast. They nap and when they wake up they are bigger! LOL..
They love our bed and pillows!! OMG pillows!!!
They are bringing us so much joy and thank GOD - I found your web site when I did.
These girls were meant to be with us. You have no idea how much they are loved... well, I guess you probably do.
This was a meant to be thing!
Isabella is a lap cat once she decides to settle in and Sophia loves to cuddle under your chin - she's getting too big to be a collar. LOL
She is steady and Izzie is a bit of a high maintenance wonder. So up beat and always on to the next adventure. (Who knew a shoe box could be so fun!!)
But Izzie is the first one to cuddle on your lap. Izzie loves toys and toys and toys.
Runs around with a mouse in her mouth all the time. Very vocal - she is sitting on my arm as I type.
She talks to me constantly and of course I respond to her. She is my baby - and is so dear.
Sophia on the other hand, sits politely near my arm and looks at the computer screen watching intently.
She enjoys petting,brushing and her kisses and is amenable to anything. She is very dear! We love holding her.
Where ever we are - the girls are. It's just the best.
Dianna - we love these girls. They came from great breeding - one can tell.
Again - thank the Lord I found you, as you had my girls. I am a firm believer in the Lord and fate.
This was a meant to be.
Hope all is well with you and yours. Coonie hugs! ~ Debbie